Last night I had a skype date with daddy. Even though I had edged twice already that day, which is what he requires of me, he wanted me to play more on our skype date.

Daddy made me get my pink dildo out and lick it all over. Taking my time like I will with him when he arrives tomorrow.

Then he made me push my pink dildo as far as I could into my little throat so he can see if I’ll need more training for him. Of course daddy said I needed more training if I wanted to be a good girl and take all of his cock into my little mouth tomorrow, so he had me slowly throat fuck my dildo until there were tears in my eyes.

After telling me what a good girl I am daddy told me to slowly insert the dildo into his pussy, never looking away from him. Daddy then instructed me to start playing by slowly pulling the dildo all the way out and pushing it all the way in. Since I was already very sensitive from my week of edging the slow fucking I did to daddy’s pussy made me desperately horny.

Daddy then instructed me to fuck his pussy quicker, making the thrusts harder and deeper. The pleasure of the dildo mixed with the denial I experienced and my eagerness to please daddy brought me to the edge very quickly. Since I knew I wasn’t allowed to ask for an orgasm while on denial I told daddy that I was very very yyyyyy close to Cumming.

Daddy showed no mercy, or even allow me to stop. Instead he said “poor thing. But I’m not done having my pussy fucked yet. You’ll just have to show me what a good girl you can be and hold off from Cumming. Can you do that for daddy?”

I nodded and said “of course daddy” and kept playing, trying so hard to hold off the orgasm I’ve been desperately craving for a week.

After a couple more minutes, daddy finally told me to stop and to take the dildo out. After being so close to Orgasm my body was begging for release. I began to beg “please daddy, please let me play just a little longer”

Daddy chuckled and said “no hunny. It’s time for little girls to be heading to bed”

I whined. My clit was throbbing from lack of attention. “Pretty pretty please daddy. I know I can’t cum but can I please play just a little bit more? I’ll do it anyway you want, please!”

On some level I was surprised by my desperation, I was no longer begging for an orgasm, but for the chance to deny daddy’s little swollen pussy more.

Daddy smiled. “Ok baby girl, since you want to be such a good little slut for daddy you can play… while fingering your ass”

I whined. I hated doing ass play by myself. I’d much rather have daddy play with my ass. “But daddyyyy”

“No buts kitten, now start rubbing that clitty and stick a finger into your pussy”

I did as daddy instructed, enjoying the sensations of being able to play with hard little clit.

“Stop!” Daddy said “now take your hands away from that pussy and stick your finger into your little bottom hole”

Being the good little slut that I did as daddy asked. Daddy then told me to slowly fuck my little ass hole, now ignoring his pussy completely.

After. Few minutes daddy wickedly said “you know hunny, you’ve been such a good girl edging for me all week. Never once allowing yourself the release you crave in order to please me. I think you deserve an orgasm right now”

I went through a mix of emotions. I was happy that daddy was allowing me to have an orgasm but confused because I hadn’t been instructed to rub his pussy again.

“But daddy” I said (more like whined) “I can’t orgasm through anal alone”

“Oh, you can’t? That’s too bad. If you want your orgasm you better hurry and try. Your bedtime is in 3 minutes, and little girls must always go to bed on time or they will be cranky in the morning ”

I gritted my teeth and began to play in earnest with my ass. But no matter what I did I couldn’t come. Eventually my time was up and daddy commanded me to stop and head to the bathroom to wash up and brush my teeth for bed. I begrudgingly did as he asked, wanting to so bad to play with my neglected clit.

When I came back daddy asked how I felt, I responded with the typical

“Frustrated, needy, horny…"and then I realized one other thing I was feeling “happy”

Daddy smiled and said “I’m happy too kitten, now you need some rest. Goodnight princess, and remember, no touching in your sleep”

I growled a little and said “good night daddy. I love you”

“I love you more princess ”

As I laid in bed I didn’t know whether to thank the @female-orgasm-denial blog, or secretly curse him.

You’re so welcome!

A lovely write up, thank you for the mention. Definitely worth a reblog.

The whole ‘his pussy’ thing always gets me though, we get it’s owned by him, but that just makes it sound like he’s a transexual, which I’m pretty sure he isn’t. Plus why’s it his pussy but your ass? 😛

Let’s keep pronouns accurate and never, ever, EVER shortened to U or UR. Thanks people!

Just to be totally inconsistent though, I do like you capitalising Orgasm and Cumming – that’s pretty cool!

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