Before this website burns to the ground like it inevitably will: I know my blog is bare but I’ve actually been following you for years. I’ve never been able to achieve long term denial despite very much wanting to. The most I’ve gone is maybe a few hrs. However I have become desensitized because of my vibrator and going through your archive I saw a post about a month-long challenge to break the vibrator dependency and I’m going to try it. (1/2)

If I cant cum from just my fingers by the end of the month then I guess I won’t be cumming anytime soon. I just had a good strong orgasm a few hours ago with my vibe, and now I’m hiding it in the back of my closet for the next 30 days. Only fingers from now on. I’ve decided to touch myself for 2 30 min segments a day until I’m able to edge, and after that i will roll a die every day to see how often I should edge. If I can make myself, I’ll cum on the last day of the month 🙂 Wish me luck!

I love it, this is such a good thing to be doing, good girl!

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