So on the spur of the moment I put in a couple of free-form boxes on the Official JuNO sign up page:

One of which was just for some feedback about the blog.

You lot are so lovely!

Here’s a taste of just some of the replies, I just had to share!

I really love your blog. It’s helped me come to terms with
this part of me. I’ve always liked spanking and punishment and bondage, but
I’ve been a bit embarrassed about not “wanting” to cum. Basically I’m
not interested in sex unless I’m being hurt or denied or abused. I thought that
was a little bit fucked up (and maybe it is) but you helped me accept it.

Let me know I’m not alone. πŸ™‚

I really enjoy your blog! I’ve learned a fair bit on the
‘sex ed’ posts and the ones where you publicly and hilariously shame those who,
like me, find tumblr confusing to navigate, and I’ve gotten quite charged-up
from your other posts too. I love your positive attitude.

Denial has made me a better sub and gave me a better
understanding of my sexuality and my turn ons and offs.

Well I just bought a whole bunch of sex toys last night and
my first g spot orgasm was ruined so that’s fun

Yes I love you

It’s really good. But sometimes you’re really mean

I love your blog! I’m in an LDR and extended periods of
denial and daily denial related tasks give me a way to feel closer to my Daddy
when we’re unable to talk.

I like the respect you do show women on your blog, it makes
it easier to indulge in the kink without feeling so dirty.

Your blog was the first blog about female orgasm denial I
had ever seen. It helped me to realize that orgasm denial was something I
craved, and more than that it made me realize that I wanted to more deeply
explore my desires as a submissive. Your blog was definitely the catalyst of my
journey into the realm of dominance and submission, and I am excited to finally
take part in it more directly.

Both have helped me discover my sexuality and new kinks.

I can’t masturbate without this blog now. I can’t say I
mind, though.

Your blog is awesome! keep going πŸ™‚

Keep up the great content!

Even though the longest I’ve been denied was three days it
made me feel amazing and that was all thanks to you and your blog you have
quite literally changed my life. thank you!

I absolutely love your blog! It turns me on so much and also
I love denial birches I wish more were posted, and its led me to a lot of other
great blogs (but I check yours every single day several times a day but not the

I found your blog not that long time ago, but I’ve enjoyed
it since the very first post I’ve read there. I like the way you spend lots of
time answering people’s questions, how you explain things, obviously your ideas
for tasks are wonderful πŸ™‚ I’m glad I found it, even though I’ve never really
thought about denial before, I find it interesting because of your blog.

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