Are you home alone, princess? Good.

This is my number, it’s a premium rate line, $3 a minute. You’re to go to the kitchen, lie down on the floor, and dial the number, yes, on the family phone.

I’ll give you very specific instructions, I’m going to make you touch yourself, edge, and soak your little panties for me. But you will not be allowed to orgasm, not for the first hour at least, if at all.

Because as you lie there, obeying my instructions, I want you to know the entire time that your repressed, restrictive, boring parents are paying for me to turn their daughter into my perfect little denial slut.

Good girl.

And make sure to thank your daddy when he finally sees the phone bill.

By then you’ll be mine. And you can tell him you finally found a man who teaches you the discipline you crave. 

He might even be impressed. 

But I doubt it.

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