Oh, I’m sorry, were my dozen or so other posts not enough for you. Is this how it’s going to be now, ‘Snowflake this’ and ‘Snowflake that’. 

It’s the fact she’s a better writer than me, isn’t it. You can tell me, I can handle the truth. Plus she has really nice boobs, and I don’t even have any! 

To answer your question, oh impatient one, yes, plenty more. The little denial slut seems to write even more when her pussy is, literally, dripping down her thighs. Which it is, a lot.

But this is a denial blog so learn to be patient. I was going to post it now but you asking means I don’t have time so you and EVERYONE else will have to wait till tomorrow now. Are you happy, are you happy with what you’ve done?

Detention, for everyone!

PS If you’d written admitting the truth which is you can’t keep your fingers out of your horny little cunt when you imagine being her and how much you love what she’s writing then I’d have answered you so nicely. But no, god forbid you ask a question that is polite and doesn’t reek of entitlement.

How come he’s moving but she isn’t…

Love you all really! Now no touching till morning, you’re all very naughty girls. (Yes, blame the whiney entitled anon who wrote me this)

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