Do you dislike domain names with hyphens in them?
Are your fingers getting sore, and it’s not just from the edging?
Are you reticent to tell your friends about it because you want them addicted to denial too but are worried you’ll chicked out before you manage to say ‘it’s female hyphen orgasm hypen denial dot tumblr dot com’
Are you worried you’re going to hand your phone to your mom and she’ll turn to you and say ‘what’s orgasm denial?’

Well I do, and if you do too I have the answer to your prayers.

I’ve registered a domain name so in future to access this blog from a browser all you’ll need to do is type in:

Yep, that’s it, just 11 letters (or does the period count, and it’s 12, I’m never sure). – making it easier for you to get off, on not getting off

On a more serious note, the other really useful function for this is the fact that should Tumblr in its wisdom decide to delete my blog without warning (which is has a worrying propensity to do) I actually control the domain and at least that will stay working (and I back up all the content each month so I can restore it, hurrah).

So consider this emergency planning, porn blog style. 

In fact in future I might use the domain to not only link to the blog (which isn’t changing name itself, this is just a link to it) but also to add some other content like male denial or anything edging related really!

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