Well of course. First Aid & Aftercare is in fact one of the basic first year courses, so it’s the very foundations of what the Academy teaches and practises. Even intense edging can put students into subspace enough to need some aftercare so in the first instance all students are paired up with a ‘denial buddy’ to share both edging times but also to provide support.

However for the more sadistic courses such as Elite Masochism, Bondage & Impalement or Advanced Degradation & Humiliation all students are paired up right at the beginning in order to provide that all important aftercare in a warm, snuggly, safe environment. Oversight of it all is headed up by the School Matron, who’ll be there to patch up and lotion blemished bottoms etc too

Of course the irony with most of those is that their buddy will be the one inflicting the pain or humiliation on them in the first place. All girls learn to give as well as receive at the Academy.

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