Any advice on how to make myself feel sexy again? Tired college student asking. And I’m afraid that edging does very little for me as it distracts me from study or otherwise feels like a pointless endeavour. (Being on the asexual spectrum may have something to do with this but I like orgasms even if they really aren’t particularly mind short circuiting)

Sleep more, eat better, make sure you’re hydrated. 

Boring I know but, ultimately, our sex drives are built on the basics being well catered for. If we aren’t eating or sleeping enough our bodies don’t want to waste the limited energy we have on something else.

Instead of distracting you from your studies, try using it as an incentive. Just a little edge in the morning to keep you aware of things, and then rewarding yourself with lots of lovely orgasms when you meet deadlines or achieve desired grades. Whether it’s from extended edging or just achieving goals, orgasms you’ve ‘earned’ feel so much better.

Also for now keep most of your edging to single sessions, where you play, and edge yourself, as you must enjoy the idea if you read this blog, and then, cum. That’s totally valid! And if you feel like your libido’s increasing, edge in the morning, enjoy the buzz through the day, then edge and edge then cum hard that evening. It’s great. We do love orgasms on this blog, we just believe that often NOT cumming is better because of the way it makes you feel ALL the time, and the orgasms you finally get can be awesome. But you have to be in a well rested, happy place for that to work best.

While extended denial periods are great for some, it’s only one way of enjoying edging and denial, and it doesn’t suit some people, or every situation. So no guilt, find out what works best for you, right now, and let us know how you get on!


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