Announcing SlutPoints™

Since I started this blog I’ve had a lot of requests from women who haven’t got someone currently denying them. I’ve just started an instruction series which will give lots of practical ways to enjoy denial and edging and give an insight into how I like to make it happen. 

However, none of those will actually ever include you being allowed to orgasm! And to that end I’m starting to put together something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. A way of earning orgasms that you can have a lot of fun with, that has flexibility in how you use it and yet still have that sense of being controlled and denied – SlutPoints

I’m still working out the details, but the fundamental idea is that you will have a set of tasks, such as edges, clothing dares, no touch etc, all of which will be worth different amounts of SlutPoints™ (gotta love that trademark!).

You will then have a total number of points you need to reach before you can orgasm. How to set that total is one thing I’m working on, it may be we have easy or difficult totals, or even a random generator.

I also plan to have regular ‘special tasks’ that will be worth more that day to keep the whole thing feeling dynamic and fun.

Just a note on my choice of the word ‘Slut’. I know for some it has negative associations, but I think with the whole Slutwalk movement the word is being reclaimed as something that means anybody who accepts and embraces their sexual nature. And ‘Denial Slut’ is the term I’m starting to like most to categorise those (myself included!) who just love to be made to feel sexy, and horny and liberated by denying themselves orgasms. It has nothing to do with having sex with anyone else, it’s just about you, you little slut!

Help wanted

This is still an idea in progress so I’d love any ideas and input you might have before it kicks off. If it proves popular I’m sure we’ll slowly review how it works and try to make it something genuinely useful to lovers of female orgasm denial! Also, if this is an idea you are simply interested in trying, can you just leave a note or message to say so, and I’ll figure out how much effort I should put into this. Thank you!


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