@female-orgasm-denial Oh God. Deep breaths. Okay. I can’t believe I’m writing this.

I’ve decided I want to wait a week. That’s pretty unprecedented. I don’t exactly remember my longest denial period but I don’t believe I’ve made it past 72 hours before. This is the morning of day 4.

Firstly, I didn’t expect ruins to feel so good. When I edge and then stop my clit just throbs for the longest time. It’s so distracting. I actually had a sneaky hard-edge before bed last night together with another girl on here and the only reason I managed to ignore my clit and fall asleep is because I wore myself out running around the house squelching yesterday. But a ruin is so different. I feel all fuzzy but my clit stops throbbing and I can feel that deep, internal ache coming back faster and more intensely every time. In the space of three days I have become completely addicted to those sensations.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, is the fact that this community has been so welcoming and supportive! I had no idea it was so much easier to deny or ruin when there’s a girl with some over-lubrication problems of her own telling you to do it.

So a week it is. There, I’ve said it! No going back now. I’m allowing myself 2 ruins a day still although I might not use all of those if I’m feeling particularly cruel. We’ll see.

Oh God why am I doing this?

I saw. 

I’m holding you to this. We all are.

You are so fucked.

Welcome to the party, princess.


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