Annabelle was pissed. The denial game had been her suggestion and she’d never lost before. They’d played every week for the last few months and it had always been one of the others who’d cum first.

She’d been worried this might happen though. He’d been edging her so much this week and no matter how much she’d begged, he refused her usual ruin before her friends had come over for their now routine Friday night games.

And sure enough, as they lay there, their four identical vibes on high, she couldn’t hold on any more, and she cried out in pleasure and frustration at losing.

What she didn’t know was they’d secretly checked her phone and found her conversations with him. They’d learnt her secret of a ruined orgasm to help win the game, and under his guidance, they’d all conspired to see the little cheater would learn her lesson.

She’d be the one who was their submissive toy this week, and the next, and the next if he had his way. 

And so the loser’s collar and cuffs went on and it would be her turn to serve and service the other three, on demand, all week long. After all she’d put them all through they all were very excited about extracting their revenge.

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