That’s perfectly normal. Some showerheads are different from others. And more importantly, no clit is alike! Ideally you want a showerhead that has a ‘pulse’ or massage setting, but equally that can be too strong for some or maybe you don’t have enough pressure.

For some the tap works better:

Even if you can’t get off from either of these, just using soapy fingers with water pouring down you can be a lovely sensual experience so at the very least you can have some fun in the shower. You can play with temperature too and see how you like it hot or cold.

And it’s also the best place to explore playing with your bottom at the same time, as there’s no worries about cleanliness etc.

OH yeah and suction cup dildos stick REALLY well there.. you could even double up!

So in summary, wetter can be better but don’t stress about it.

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