I like drinking. I like drinking a lot. I don’t think this comes as a shocker to anyone who knows me well, given my love of altered mental states. I don’t have a drinking problem (I don’t blow my money on alcohol, and it’s never conflicted with school/work/ other commitments) but I do have a hard time stopping once I start drinking. I also probably drink more frequently than is really healthy.

I’ve also been wanting to go on a period of self impose denial for a while now. I didn’t want to just pick an arbitrary amount of time and say “I will not cum for x number of days.” However I didn’t want to do something chance related either, say with dice or cards, because for whatever reason that messes with my anxiety.

So I had the thought… What if I tied my denial into my drinking? For every drink I have, that’s one day added until I can cum. When I’m home, I have to edge between every drink, or one edge per drink to be done later if I’m out.

I think this is going to work well because it helps me monitor both my drinking and my denial, two things I’ve been wanting very hard to work on. Eventually I’m going to reach a point where I have to choose which is more important, drinking or cumming, and the masochist inside me is THRILLED for the inner struggled this is going to cause. It’s a very big turn on that I am the cause of my own denial. I would be doing it to myself with my love of alcohol.

So as of tonight, this is the plan. I will keep you all updated. What do you guys think? Any suggestions?

I like this idea, tying your denial into another thing that you want to affect. I’ve done the same thing with exercise and weight goals for those I’m denying – if you don’t go to the gym x days a week, or don’t lose Y then you’re not allowed to orgasm.

Do keep us updated on how this goes, but an alternative might be instead of tying each drink to denial to set yourself a limit, ‘No more than 1 drink a day and 4 in the week or I can’t orgasm at the weekend’ for example. 

Good luck! 


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