So it has been almost a year since I met my lovely boyfriend and since I have discovered orgasm denial too. James the owner of the amazing blog @female-orgasm-denial has taught me a lot about pleasure and the ways of edging and denial made it feel. I’m now on the 9th day of no touch and have 5 more to go until I’ll meet my boyfriend again since I’m really far away from him right now. Hellish no touch is so annoying, I know that if I’ll get caught masturbating in the place I’m I’ll be punished, yeah yeah that’s how it goes here, if anyone has questions just send me a message.

Anyway orgasm denial, at first when I talked to James it was about a week before I met my boyfriend for the first time, a virgin, though not orgasm virgin, I had my experience with orgasms since I was 12 years old at first it was something that felt good and then I explored the field more and more until I was edging 10 times before I reached orgasm to have my mind blown. James taught me how to edge myself and listen to what he tells me to do.

After a while when me and my boyfriend got intimate I was on the verge of orgasm constantly, cumming undone by his hands was more than just a precious moment to me. Then I told him I liked to edge hell he knew how to edge me, he would edge me for hours make me beg him to let me cum, only to be told no and that I’m to be on no tough until he decides otherwise. On our one year anniversary he tied me up and brought me to the most amazing feelings I could experience, my whole body rushed with pleasure he gave me so much love and passion and just everything I could have wished for and he still does to this day.

So girls female orgasm denial may sound scary or weird or wrong, for me it was a way to explore sex and understand what I want in my sexual life and what I want my partner to do for me and with me. Love your bodies, love your pussy, love sex, love kissing, love edging.

And remember don’t cum.

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