So I got sent this, apparently it’s a reinterpretation of Plato’s story of the Cave. Some of you may enjoy it, I appreciate the effort, but personally I was all..

Ever heard of this thinking philosophical story?

Now, lets imagine another scenario. Imagine, if you will, a house were a group of young women live together. They have never come out of the house, food is given to them though a small compartment without anyone ever actually going in the house, they also have never had any interaction with anyone else without themselves, and the house also has no windows and all the doors are alway locked. The house has no form of entertaiment, no books or TV or anything at all except each other. Also, these young women have all been fitted with chastity belts since birth. They do have sexual desires, but nobody has ever explained it to them since they can only interact with each other and talk with each other about their physical desires, they cannot act on their desires since they cannot touch themselves because of the chastity belt they are always wearing. Since the chastity belt is the only thing they know, they belive, by then, that the chastity belts are their genitals, and that while they might feel sexual arousald and desire for sexual pleasure, they believe there is simply nothing they can ever do about it.

Now, imagine that without the others knowing about it, one of the young women is taken out of the house and in the outside world. At first she would be amazed by seeing the sky, the sun and all of the wonders of the outside world. But also, the ones that removed her from the house also remove her chastity belt, and even introduce her to the opposite sex as she meets a man for the first time. She slowly learns about all the sexual pleasure her, now free, vagina can give her, as she masturbates, and has sex with others, for hours and orgasms for the first time in her life and several times afterwards, the feeling leaving her with such wonderment, she can barely believe the pleasures of sex and how amazing an orgasm feels.

Finally, lets imagine that the young woman is returned to the house again. Imagine that she tries to explain to the other women there what she saw outside, about men, about being released of her chastity belt, about the pleasure of masturbating, having sex, and orgasming. Would the other women belive her? Would they think she is insane now? That going outside, that removing the chastity belt that they have always wore, has damaged her somehow, now that she has this weird thing between her legs that she calls a vagina? To them, having a chastity belt, feeling sexual desires but never be able to act upon them is reality, all this talks about sex, masturbation and orgasming must sound like a travesty to them. Would they even desire to destroy these “defective” young woman now, that she is no longer “natural” like they are?

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