…Now seriously people don’t let some random stranger get to you, and upset you ( I know you know this James, but I felt I had to say it). I am glad you had fun with it. It did make me chuckle. Second, I admit Buddy post made me uncomfortable- firstly because telling my friends(and plus not close one..) I am kinky/into bdsm is terrifying/a limit whatever you want to call it. And ‘all girls are bi’ did hit a certain spot, more than I am willing to admit. But thats MY shit to deal with and for good lord sake I know it was a fantasy post and so should you.

Hello again! Thank you for your word’s of encouragement. 

Weird’s fun sometimes. It’s my party and I can cry if I want to…

The buddy one was partly fantastical, although it’s surprising how often I’m told someone fantasies about their best friend (holy shit they’re demisexual, look at that, it’s all coming together). And it was a lot of fun to write, which despite all your needy little cunts crying out for more is the main reason I write this stuff. It’s fun.

There truly is value in having someone you can confide in, even if that’s all it is. Just as I was saying in the post today about online doms. For example, I pretty much forced Snowflake to tell someone she knew about me

who was very kink positive, just so she had that ‘safety net’ to go to in case I fucked up.

I guess I’d challenge you though, if kink really is such a big part of your life you probably should either find subtle ways of letting close friends know, or find some additional new friends who would be cool with it. It’s cool to be kinky.

Can I also just underline the fact it was Snowflake who made the ‘all girls are bi when they’re drunk enough’ joke. So totally her fault! I’ll get the belt…

I do like to make the point that anonymity isn’t all the protection someone thinks it is, as the last tirade kind of proved. But if you think this was bad you should see me complain in restaurants. I know… 


Oh I thought it was just a two parter message but as I save this draft… 


Labels, labels, motherfucking labels.. a week ago or so I was reading about cisgender, third gender, pan..( you get the point) and I got headache.. why the hell people have need to name everything and are so obsessed about it? Different? Lets give it some fancy name change everything else too, and now fight for it to be accepted. So so obsessed with labels. Sorry, I seriously don’t get it.

Saying you are not to stranger doesn’t change anything, or proves. Live your life, enjoy it, it is short, and don’t seek approval of others for it. (my moto) But again I am just 18 years old girl,pretty fucked up, and I don’t have all wisdom of the world, so don’t listen to me. And James, don’t want to sound impatient, but will you be posting anytime soon that edging instructions you said (three day challenge I think you named it)?

And the last, but the most important- Diva if you are reading this please do make blog! I would so love to read it and see more of your thoughts about denial. It was by far my favorite story

Nice to see you getting a bit ranty there yourself!

And yes, I know, the three day denial challenge, it’s in progress! I’m sorry, I keep getting distracted by people writing to me. But excitingly my even earlier delayed project, SlutPoints is something Diva may be pushing forward with me, which could be a lot of fun for everyone.

Oh and Diva says to tell you she loves you.

Let’s just check before I post this and oh…


(You know if you use ‘submit’ rather than ‘ask’ you can write as much as you want in one go, right…)

oh and I almost forgot,whenever I see some of your toys recommendation posts I go like he must be working for lovehoney haha if not, you should email them or something, you know, I mean that is some serious marketing right there 😉

I wish. I do use an affiliate link sometimes so in theory I’d get a small percentage, so far this month it’s on 80p… not enough to retire on yet (it really is on 80p, that’s not a joke). 

But I recommend them anyway as I’ve used them for years. The amazing thing about Lovehoney – The Sexual Happiness People (I have to say that contractually) is they have this year long no limits return policy. You just can’t beat that (they’re also almost always cheapest). For example, when my penis enlarging enhugening machine didn’t work I sent it back and got a bigger one (the pump, not the penis) and this week Diva’s vibe went on the fritz, she phoned them up, and they sent her a new one, didn’t even ask for the old one back, and it ain’t a cheap one! So impressive.

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