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Today’s task was FUN.  I’m a big gamer and the idea was to roll dice to determine how to edge.  The dice rolling made my gamer heart so happy.  On top of the dice being exciting, I had a snow day from work (technically, I was working from home because of snow but, really, how much work gets done on a day like that) so I could edge as much as my little heart desired.

Here’s the way the dice rolls worked, copied and pasted from this post on @female-orgasm-denial:

Every time you want to edge you have to roll the dice:

  1. Rub your clit
  2. Fuck yourself (fingers or dildo)
  3. Humping only
  4. Rub or vibe your clit
  5. Breasts only

Yes, that’s only five. For each of the above you roll the dice again, and that’s the number of minutes you get to do it for. You can keep on rolling and playing that way, a new task with a new number of minutes.
Until you roll a six.

When you roll a six, you roll again, but this time it’s to determine what forfeit you get:

  1. Clamp your nipples (use clamps or pegs) and scroll through tumblr without touching for ten minutes
  2. 30 pussy smacks with the palm of your hand, each ones should be firmer than the last
  3. 10 snaps (stretch an elastic band between finger and thumb, pull it back and let it go against your skin – if you don’t have a band, just flick with your finger) on each nipple, then ten to each labia, then ten to your clit
  4. Send your favourite fantasy to me as an ask to share on the blog
  5. Lose your panties for the rest of the day. Roll 5 again later and you’re to stuff them in you.
  6. Roll again, but playing ‘anal only’ – treat your asshole as though it were your clit and pussy – it ends after three rounds or when you roll another 6

Once you complete your forfeit you can start over whenever you want.

My rolls are below the cut!

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Wow you really made the most of that game, wonderful! I’ve got a few fantasies through from it I’ve yet to post but they will be forthcoming.
Plus this:
‘I sat on my hands for another minute’

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