As I write this, my ass is plugged for the first time ever.  I’ve been curious about anal play for a while, and I bought a set of training plugs a while back, but never had the courage to try them out…  

And then advent denial. 

But before that, Day 7!  For those not keeping track, us denial challengers were told to watch ourselves edge.  In the mirror.  Staring yourself in the eyes as you get closer and closer…  It’s really amazing how complex a pussy is.

Today is  T O Y   D A Y!  Mr Denial Man (James, that is), I’ve been waiting for this one.  Because I am one of the lucky girls who just cannot come from penetration! 

Which is amazing when you’re denying yourself, because it removes the temptation to push yourself over the edge!  It’s just so much easier to edge when you know all you can do is edge… and edge… and edge…

I edged my clit in the bathroom on campus today, then made the rule that when I got home, I would be pussy-and-anal only…  Just to torment myself a little more, and to decrease the temptation to cum.  (I’ve found I like the feeling of being denied more than the internal struggle, y’know?)

But, come on, just fucking my suction cup dildo isn’t enough.  That’s not a rare thing for me, it’s not anything special, and this challenge is about experimentation!


When this came in the mail, I was concerned it wouldn’t fit.  It’s about 4 inches in length, which doesn’t seem like much when you order online, butt… 

To my surprise, (and to the credit of my lube!), it went in really easily.  And felt fucking amazing doing so.  Now that it’s been in for a little while, it doesn’t hurt, but it doesn’t feel nearly as pleasurable as the insertion.

I legitimately might have to try fucking my ass at some point.

I might enjoy it.

My favorite thing about Advent Denial so far is learning so much about myself, my limits, my desires, and my needy, horny body…

Can we get another ruin soon, James?  

Looks like I missed these journals, sorry!! (Do feel free to message me folks if I’ve missed yours).
Wonderful stuff @drusillasivious, so great to hear such a positive first plugging experience!

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