Advent Denial, Day Two

To start, I was pretty busy and stressed for most of the day. I’m a junior in college and finals are in a week, so I might have jumped the gun with this challenge.

Whatever, I still did the edges. The second edge of the day was a nice stress reliever, even.

With the ruin…well, it was kind of difficult to actually ruin. With me, I know when I’m close because I start to feel pressure build up first in my inner thighs, then the lower end of my vagina, until it feels like my entire crotch is the cap of a shaken up soda bottle. Then I orgasm.

However, depending on the position, if I’m thinking naughty thoughts, or if I’m using a finger or vibe, I overestimate the pressure and think I’m going to cum if I don’t stop immediately. So when I went for a ruin, I kept getting closer and closer to the very edge of the cliff, getting about four EXTREMELY frustrating edges out before finally having an EXTREMELY unsatisfying ruin.

I wasn’t sure I even ruined, at first. It was just a couple of weak pulses, then it stopped. I waited a few seconds, then rubbed a little again to see if I still had all the horniness that came with an edge. It was to sensitive to rub for more than a second, so it was indeed a ruin.

I woke up at about four in the morning needing to pee, along with a very horny cunt. Thanks for that.

You’re welcome!

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