8th spin: 250 dildo fucks, spin again.
My pussy is actually getting a little bit sore from all the play it’s gotten over the past few days, adding a new level of suffering that made me feel so submissive.
9th spin: Ruined Orgasm
“No!  I’m not ready yet!”  So I ignored it and span again.
9th spin: 2 edges
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, I don’t think I’ve edged so hard or so close in a long time.  I don’t know if it was exactly two edges, it was more of a couple minutes of bouncing off and on the edge, and now I’m a twitchy, wet, tingly mess.  Maybe I should have just taken the ruin….

But I love this.


I accidentally spent this last hour looking at Tumblr porn, without touching of course… I’m still all twitchy though.  It’s getting hard to think about anything else but my cunt…  I can’t wait to spin the wheel.  I just want to play more.

10th spin: No Touch

I’m just gonna sit here and clench and whimper for a little while.  

Triple journal, so cool. Great job bringing in the wheel too!

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