Advent Denial day 6

After writing the last post I was just laying in bed waiting for the calendar to open. I had mainly remained on no touch for a while now and was exitied to know what I would be allowed to do to my cunt.

Well imagine my disappointment but also exitement when i found out that all day I had to remain on no touch! It was pleasure torture, I wanted to edge so much, my clit aching all day, my cunt dipping. No touch makes me so much hornier than only edging.

I was aware of my throbbing clit all morning, but when I went to xycle to my boyfriend’s house, that is when my highest desperation hit me. I almost edged while cycling from the stimulation of the saddle. I couldn’t believe it! I’ve denied myself before, but never had I been that senisitive that something like that could set me off. I had to do some breathing exercises while cycling to calm down, cause I was afraid that I might cum like that.

The boyfriend had fun with me, but he didnt get me to cum. I did get a little spanking, and was fingered deep and hard. But that has only made the despreation worse! *pouts* I just wanna cum!

Edging just from riding your bike.
Now THAT is what I’m talking about.
Woo hoo!

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