Advent Denial Day 5

So it’s my first day joining in on the Advent journey, and let me say, it is NOT going my way so far. 🙁

On the first spin on the wheel of denial (which is brilliant, by the way!), I landed on 10 snaps to my clit and spin again. Which would have been fine…except I just began edging two days ago and have bruised my clit from too much play time!! Honest! I posted a pic of my tiny, purple, swollen clit and everything.

I went very gentle on my snaps, but they still really really hurt!

On the second spin I landed on clothes pins on nipples and spin again.

Hmph. Ever since getting my nipples pierced, pain in that area really gets to me, and today was no exception!! I literally teared up.

And you know what my next spin was?

No touch. Game over.

I’ve shaved my kitty, whipped my ass, and have already begun to leave a wet spot on my jeans from how badly I want to edge myself.

Today is going to be hell.

Welcome to the party, Barbie!
We look forward to seeing your progress.

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