So I started off well. Got on my crimson thong. Didn’t have to try to pull it between my ass cheeks, as it is a size too small now it wedged in on its own. Did have to pull up the front and hoped I wouldn’t accidentally cum from stimulating of that even if I stopped. Rode the edge easily in a way, because it felt so sexy. Have a very close edge in the morning. Took a nap afterward.

But then suddenly had my period. What a disappointment! As much as I wanted to stuff myself with those panties, it felt “ucky” now as an idea. The rest of my undies are very un-sexy granny panties. So settled for another edge tonight (almost as good as yesterday’s), but only those real two. Definite IOU on panty stuffing once no longer experiencing shark week :]

A perfectly acceptable excuse, well done!

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