So kinda using day 2 stuff since I’m on early and I don’t think 3 had been uploaded yet. No worries, still a task. I believe finish edges then a ruin. So I managed like 2 good edges, combined with 2 very soft edges. Considering I made my minimum 1 edge per day, I felt I deserved to go for it.

Finally, FINALLY, I actually had a good ruin. Never really felt it like this, so I think any others in the past were not quite it. Used vibe while looking at tumblr of course. I felt I was really enjoying the vibe the last two times, though the last time I backed off at the perfect spot. Usually it’s way too early or much too late. But this was insanely perfect. At first I thought I had passed it, feeling the top of the wave of orgasm (not sure how else to describe) it started to cascade down then disappeared. Then this like… NEEDED to get off, like when I’m close, but with no stimulation going on. Felt kinda good, and though I kinda wish I could have really cum, I am also delighted at this. I want to do it again! But stronger and longer! I want to feel it and be unable to think about anything else.

Such a fun adventure this is shaping up to be!

Well done! Ruined orgasms are fascinating and varied creatures. Keep exploring and you’ll find they can affect you in different ways, some of which you’ll love, others you may hate.
It’s part of what makes them so interesting!

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