Advent Denial day 2

After going to sleep exhausted from my two remaining edges before bed, which I had drawn out really long and had completely soaked my panties and pyjama pants, I woke up after several hours. The reason I woke up was because my clit and cunt were throbbing and begging to be touched. At first I tried to ignore it, but after laying awake for an hour I decided to do my first edge of december second and then fell asleep swiftly after.

Since I had work all day today there was little time to really tease myself during the day. But I did notice that i was constantly slightly moist down there.

Now at home with my second edge in i really feel the need to get fucked and hurt and teased. I hope the bf is in a horny mood too when he is over tonight, or if not I might even beg cause I’m so horny and desperate for just about anything at the moment! I guess the denial is already working on me, I wonder how crazy it will drive me the coming days until christmas!

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