So I haven’t been following the calendar after getting badly sick with the flu then being hit hard by Mother Nature (on top of not being fully recovered), but kept to the basic rules. Now, it’s time to get back on track.

Today’s task was to wear no undies and no bra (if you can). Well, I went without undies (no biggie) but couldn’t go without a bra given my, ahem, chest, without being indecent in a professional work office. I always sleep naked. So…

I worked 16 hours yesterday and went back to Day 13 to try the dice challenge. It was intriguing, but I didn’t think a few minutes of any one activity would get me horny.

Round 1 – Rub clit, 4 minutes
It was a good warm up, but no where near enough to edge.

Round 2 – Chest only, 2 minutes
I have a very sensitive breasts and started to tease my nipples. Yum. Starting to feel warm

Round 3 – Humping only,3 minutes
This disappointed me. I’ve never gotten the point of humping, it has never done anything for me. But, hey, might as well follow the rules and give it a try. I started on a corner of the bed. Eh… until I realized there was my bedroom mirror in front of me. I locked eyes with myself in the mirror and started doing my best “please come fuck me” eyes. My mind went to making these at my Sir while on top of him – woah – what a difference it made in humping.

Forfeit- Lose your undies. well, that was nothing on no undie day, so I rolled again

Forfeit –  30 smacks to pussy.
Okay, now I’m turned on.

Round 4 – Vibe clit, 5 minutes
I’ve got the vibe to my clit as I’m on my hands and knees. I’m embarrassed to say my hips are thrusting, I’m moaning but holding myself on the edge there. Well, let’s see how long I can edge when I’m told what to do .

Forfeit – Nipple clamps.
Looking through tumbler on a no touch, clothespins on both my nipples while turned on – only turned me on more.

Round 5 – Fuck yourself, 3 minutes
I found one of my suction cup dildos and, for the first time ever, had the idea to mount it on my nightstand. I think it was inspired by the fact I could continue to watch myself in my bedroom mirror. Why have I not thought of this before? No lube needed, back to edging and I’m so turned on. I want to cum, but good girls don’t cum.

Forfeit – Anal like clit
Well, hopefully.. I’m not sure what to make of this until.

Round 6 – Rub or vibe your clit, now ass, 2 minutes
So, I went to get a little bit of lube, and found the warming one by accident. Put a drop on my finger and started to rub that rosebud. It actually felt good?! Nice surprise.

Round 7 – Fuck yourself, 5 mins
Hmm. I grabbed my small plug, a bit of lube and slowly started to work it into my ass. It felt so good. Most of the 5 minutes was spent opening up, but then… it felt so good the urge to cum came back right away.

After this, it was decided to slide my little plug in and leave it there to keep me turned on. Any more and I would have cum.

Good girls don’t cum. Not without permission.

Wow, what a voyage of discovery! Wonderful, I love it, well done.

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