Dressing up, for you!

Did I mention that one of the reasons I love edging and denial is how it helps you feel more positive about your body and your sexuality. Okay, once or twice.

So, another thing that can have a similar impact is dressing up. Whether that’s for a date, or an interview or just being with friends, the things we wear can have a huge impact on how we feel.
Now it might be that you already love dressing up, or that you already want to kill me for even suggesting this, but as with all these tasks, let me encourage you to take it at whatever level works for you, but do try and push yourself, you might be surprised.

So this is going to work a few ways, you can do all, or just one of them.
The first, and this is one of my favourites, is that you wear your sexiest underwear, under your normal clothes today. This is the heart of this activity, that it’s about how it makes YOU feel, and not how other people see you. Sexy can mean whatever works for you. Just picking your favourite set is great. For me the whole stocking set, especially with a garter belt (we call them suspender belts in the UK) is hard to beat. Why? Because they’re so completely unnecessary. Just all the extra effort they involve, there’s something beautiful about that.
Beyond that, if you wear the panties OVER the belt straps, then it becomes immensely practical, for, you know, taking them off without having to mess with anything else. Handy for edging huh…

For you though, it might be as simple as wearing a thong when you normally wear straight cut panties, or if you want something unusual, try wearing a thong backwards. It’s more than interesting.
If you don’t have any fancy underwear to try, then a fun alternative is getting an old pair of tights (pantyhose) and cutting a slit out over your pussy. Just a slit, not a hole, and they’ll open up and leave your pussy exposed. Some absolutely love this. You can try it with leggings too if you have a pair you don’t care about getting cut, and messy.
So that’s about dressing up, under your clothes.

Now to the outer layer. I want you to have fun dressing up, but not for anyone else. Just for you. You are to dress up, for one of your edges! Really go for it, make up, hair, and most of all something you feel really sexy in. It could be an outfit, it could be clubwear, or favourite nightwear. Dress up, for you (and perhaps a lucky partner if they’re around).
Go sexy, go slutty, go sophisticated, whatever you’re in the mood for.
Then just go for it, a long, sensual edge, reuse some of the things you’ve enjoyed these last few days. Take your time, put on some music or a movie or porn. And then, if you’re pleased with how you’ve got on these last  9 days, you’re allowed a ruined orgasm to finish the evening off. But it’s entirely optional.

For those of you with more time on your hands today and wanting something a bit riskier, then here’s an extra idea to try.
You’re going to play dress up, but you’re going to do it in your favourite clothes stores! Head in after a good hard edge. Pick out some outfits that you probably would never buy but think might look hot on you. And then spend time in the changing room, trying them on, and edging. Yep, right there. Every time you take an outfit off you’re to slide your fingers between your legs and have a little edge.

This would be a good one to take a sexy friend or denial buddy to. It’s more fun and very amusing to be daring each other to try outfits on. 
Don’t forget shoes, try on some crazy heels (don’t trip) just for the hell of it. And if you didn’t have any outfits or lingerie you thought were sexy for the earlier tasks, maybe try buying something. I’m regularly told of all the thngs I get a sub to do, having her buy only good lingerie and wear it every day is one of the most impactful.

Speaking of which, if you’ve never been properly measured for a bra, see if you can get it done as part of this. Having the right fit makes a world of difference, I’m told.
Have fun, and with this one, if you fancy sending in pictures of how you dressed up, at home or in a store, I’m sure everyone would love to see them. But no pressure, it’s only if that turns you on. The core focus of this is you dressing, just for you!

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