Whoops, sorry this is late, calendar messed up and I got distracted writing all that other stuff below!

Toys, toys, toys!

We talk a lot about sex toys on this blog, and that’s for one simple reason, they are BRILLIANT!

So today’s task will be different for different categories of you.

For those of you who don’t own any sex toys I want you to look up the diy sexy toys tag on the blog and find some inspiration to try something you can use to move yourself beyond just fingers. 

The two easiest options are a hairbrush handle as a dildo, and an electric toothbrush as a clitoral vibe. Read up on the blog and find for each edge you do today, try something different!

Don’t forget a brush with a flat back is also great for some pussy and bottom smacking fun! Try getting just to the edge then giving your pussy a nice smack – it’s a great way to pull back from cumming.

For those of you with toys there will be those of you with a minimal set, and those with lots!

Your challenge is to use your toys in unusual ways. If you’ve just got a vibe or a vibe and dildo you could try things like:

  • putting the vibe in your panties and grinding on it
  • gently smacking your pussy with the dildo instead of fucking it
  • sliding one of them in you and walking around with it in
  • placing the dildo on a chair and just sliding over it
  • trying the vibe on your nipples and around the outside of your (clean) ass
  • fucking the dildo in the shower, etc, etc

Again, lots of ideas here:


If you have lots of toys, dust off some of the old ones and see what new combinations you can experience!

Finally, for everyone, with no toys or plenty, use today to start considering buying a new toy. Whether that’s in a local store, or online, have some fun edging while looking at toys and maybe even buying some.

And if you like my recommendation of our favourite sex toy store, Lovehoney, then you can buy via our affiliate link and it’ll even give us a small amount, so you’re actually supporting the blog (but just type their address into the browser if you object to that).

Explore sex toys at Lovehoney should take you to your country’s store!

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I love, love, love answering questions on sex toys so please send any you have my way.

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