Having gotten to the first edge for today, and I already kind of wanted to give in and make myself cum… but I resisted the temptation, to the dissapointment of my cunt, as it was weeping with arousal.

While waiting to do the next edge and trying to figure out 10 different ways to edge on day three, I feel the need to touch rising with every second. Every minute waited felt like I was losing it more and more, because all I wanted was to touch more and more and more and more!

The second edge I executed with my little OVO vibe, which almost brought me over the edge accidentally since I had it on the highest setting. I did veel some convulsions in my cunt, but I don’t think I ruined, I think I just really really was brought to the brink, luckily. 

I thought that after that I would be able to hold off for a bit, but two minutes after that I edged again with my electric toothbrush. While the Ovo took a while to get me to the edge, this time I was still too worked up and within two minutes I edged again. After this I thought, would there be anything more fitting than a little toothpaste on my clit to make it even more sensitive than it already is. This has for years been my favourite kind of clit torture, because it’s hot And cold and it stings a bit and it makes my cunt drip. When it started to heat up and cool down at the same time, I couldn’t keep my hands off of myself, so I edged another time, spreading the toothpaste all over my cunt with my fingers. 

Now, I forgot to mention that edges # 2-4 were executed with Cal’s Curse looping in the background as some positive reinforcement! It is very calming, but also quite humiliating to listen to while I edge.

The next edge, not it is getting really difficult to mix things up while edging, I did while on my knees while I watched some denial porn. Still it was pretty intense and I wanted to go over the edge so bad still! Thoughts that go through my mind at those points are “what is stopping you” “why shouldn’t you just cum”. But it is too soon to even think of giving in! Edge # 6 was unremarkable as well, edged to more porn again, but this time head down and ass up.

Now # 7 is where it gets interesting again. Like many other denial sluts, pain can become very pleasureable for me when I’m edging constantly. So I got 4 clothespins, and secured two on each side on my pussy lips, and take the pins to the insides of my thighs. This pain sent an immediate throb to my clit and for twenty minutes I humped a pillow on my bed with the pins hurting more each passing second trying to edge. This time, I really nearly came, because I’m very much a pain slut and it almost catapulted me over the edge of the cliff of cum. After the edge I took of the clothespins, it hurt so good, and I immediately used an old smooth deoderant bottle to slide against my slick clit to edge for number 8. I was now in a horny frenzy mood, and proceeded to get two golfballs, put them in a condom, and push those into my cunt because I thought, why not at that moment everything seemed like a good idea!
So edge #9 was executed while filled with golfballs and directly after that I ended up humping one of my bigger stuffies and edged for the 10th time today.
There is still time left, so might do more because I’m hungry for more!

Wow, just wow.
Pain, pleasure, diy sex toys, so, so great! Good girl!

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