So, I messed up. At the coin toss I was on no touch, but later that night I couldn’t stand it anymore and edged myself crazy before I went to sleep. So, day 13, I woke up and felt very disappointed in myself. I know everyone succumbs to desire once in a while, but I had been doing so well up until now. Then I saw the task for the 13th and it was a fun game. It was a busy day for me so I couldn’t play unfortunately, and thought that would be a kind of form of punishment at the same time, to not have fun with denial for a bit and steam and reflect on how I can do better next time for myself.
However, today I woke up. I had seen that it is a day going commando, I have never tried that before so I will try it out and I have no idea how it will feel. But! I also decided some extra punishment (don’t worry I can like it very much). I spun the punishment wheel and got: 30 slaps on my pussy/clit, 100 spankings, and toothpaste on my clit. I first did the 100 spankings with a new wooden spoon I got. It’s stings deliciously, I haven’t spanked myself in such a long while I had almost forgot how much resolve it takes to keep going even when it hurts. Someone askes me what the pain feels like and spanking is a kind of pleasure pain, I cannot help but hate to love it. It starts with a sharp stinging pain when the spoon comes down, and then it becomes warm and spreads out and turns all tinlgy and that is the part that feels good. I tried to stop as little between smacks so I would mainly feel the pain, it is supposed to be a punishment people!


I did the clit spankings with the spoon too, just for fun. Wow, That hurt, but I think I really need to learn not to touch when I’m not supposed to. I also added some fun inner thigh spanks so I’m not too tempted to rub them together all day while I’m not wearing panties.
After the clit spankings I put on the toothpaste, that was another agony and I think I have learned my lesson, but my pussy is dripping nonetheless. Today I hope I don’t leak everywhere without underwear on :p

Impressive self punishment, good girl! That looks like a very healthy glow. I love it.

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