Advent Denial Challenge day 12 (2/2)

So… no touch… again!

It’s driving me nuts (but in the good kind of way) and I constantly feel like sucking dick now too. I can’t concentrate, all I can think about is my clit and my desire. So, of course, despite the no touch I still had fun today.

I teased my nipples a lot today, up until they were Very sore and fabric against it makes it already feel tender! They are basically continually erect. Because of my hornyness I couldn’t help but take sexy, exposing pictures all day of myself which I just Had to share on the blog. Just a lot of fun, and my clit kept aching and I was dripping all day.

And I met some other lovely denial ladies who I had some fun with and we made each other crazy horny all afternoon. I’m glad to make friends through denial, this is all so much fun to explore together and to encourage each other too! Throughout this trial there are so many lovely people I have met and the denial community is amazing. One of the most positive I have come across! I’m just happy and blissed and after this challenge I’m going to keep trying to cum as less as I can, if at all.

That last part in particular makes me so happy! It genuinely is one of the most positive kinks I know and to think that this blog is helping spread that and create more of a community, is both insanely hot and enormously encouraging!

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