Advent Denial Challenge day 11

Todays task was to call someone and edge while on the phone without them noticing….

Well, I hate phone calls, real exhibitionism isn’t my thing either, and it both gives me major anxiety. So today’s task wasnt for me. After a hard edge in the morning I remained on no touch for the rest of the day.

I wasn’t feeling all that well after dinner, so I decided to put on a pullup for that safe little feeling. But since it’s snowing like crazy today I thought to play with some ice cubes for fun. I pushed around 7 ice cubes up my pussy and dumped the crushed ice into my diaper. It felt super good at first, but after a while everything started to hurt a bit from the cold. The perfect punishment for my oversensitive clit I thought. After that everything just went numb. I tried to touch my clit to edge, but nothing. I loved that I couldn’t feel a thing while I wanted to touch so badly. It was sweet sweet ice cold torture, and I will definately try it again.

Now I’m just sitting here, waiting for my wet diaper and pussy to warm up again.

Oh, pussy crushed ice. They’ll be serving that in posh bars before you know it.
‘I’ll have a Pussy Colada please, barman’
For those tempted to replicate the ice experiment, do feel free but there’s one major rule with ice play, it must be melting before you do anything with it. So dump it in a glass until it begins to melt. This means that the surface has come up to a safe temperature to play with and you aren’t going to get it stuck to your skin.
Oh and, an ice cube is one of the few non- flanged items that’s safe to stick up your bum. Just sayin’
Just be aware you will get cold (seriously, it’s how you treat sunstroke in dogs) and while some of the meltwater is absorbed, some may not be…

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