Hi James!

I am making an online advent calendar for my ex-gf (She submitted the story with the party, cumming in another girls mouth and kissing her, etc.), and figured you might want to pick up the idea for your followers?


This is the service that I use, but you probably would want to just post an idea/task/rule every day? Anyway, I figured you might enjoy making one 🙂

 If you already had the idea, sorry for bothering you. Your blog is awesome!


This is brilliant, of course you’re not bothering me! I tried to create one of these last year and the fuckers banned it, although, yeah, it was kinda ruuuude, so there you go. But this looks bigger and therefore less likely to get canned, so I’m totally going to do this, thank you!

Now what to call it. hmmm, suggestions on a postcard

No cumming till Christmas
Denial December
Anorgasmic Advent…


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