Sasha couldn’t quite believe how unlucky she was. Her chastity belt had been on for 3 months when she decided she wanted to jump into the deep end of long term denial. The belt was programmed to lock itself for 5 years, and only give her 5 orgasms in that time. The timing of these orgasms would be random and there would be no way to predict when they would arrive. The rest of the time, the belt would edge her twice a day during the week, and 10 times a day on weekends to ensure she remained horny. After her final orgasm, the edgings would be doubled too – a sprint to the finish kind of deal.

1 month into her 5 years of chastity, her belt brought her over the edge to a wonderful orgasm. However, 5 minutes later as she basked in the afterglow, it forced another orgasm from her quivering body. She screamed as the third one came and she realised she had only 2 orgasms left in the next 5 years.

After all that, it started to edge her again. To her disbelief, it took her over the edge again. Now in a state of panic, she desperately tried to hold back her last orgasm. She clenched and writhed as much as she could and summoned every ounce of self control she had. All it achieved was to ruin her orgasm as she came for the final time.

Her last orgasm in the next 5 years was ruined. How much more could she take?

It was then she remembered how her daily edges would double after her last orgasm…

I need this belt. It is important.

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