Day 13, part 1

Rolling the dice for how to touch and how long.

Yay touching and edging! My greedy little clit was so happy this morning to see today’s challenge. It’ll be hard to reach an edge like this but oh it will be fun.

Here’s a little of what I did before work (well just the highlights because my lunch hour is only so long and at some point it gets hard to describe how much of a desperate horny mess I am without it being boring).

Roll 1 – rub clit, 5 minutes

Oh the most glorious way to start the day after not touching my clit all of yesterday. I woke up wet and aching again but it was nice to start a bit slow and luxurious. Savouring all the sensations and just how good it is to touch. But five minutes goes by very quickly.

Roll 2 – dildo, 3 minutes

This felt spec-tacular! Those nice slow thrusts inching faster as each minute ticked away. My pussy kept pulling my vibe out of my hand it didn’t want to let it go.

Roll 3 – hump, 3 minutes

Anything. Anything to keep that sensation going. I rolled over onto my pillow and rode it like a mechanical bull. It’s futile to try and edge like this, my pillow isn’t hard enough but after yesterday I certainly wasn’t giving up any chance for sensation. Still knowing that and how desperate humping makes me feel made those three minutes go both too fast and excruciatingly slow all at once.

Roll 5 – snaps

I didnt have an elastic at hand so I flicked everything the requisite time. All nice and stingy.

There’s a whole lot of humping and breast rubbing that follows with brief interludes of one minute touching or vibe. I need to institute a rule about how long I can play in the morning so I don’t risk being late. I kept thinking ‘oh, next roll will be the one’ or ‘one more roll and whatever it is, I’ll stop after that’. There are parts of denial I am very bad at denying myself on. 😈

Roll 28 and 29 (I think?) – vibe on clit, 7 minutes

I was so close after 28 and sooooo beyond grateful to get a repeat for 29. Everything was feeling so food that I almost forgot that I was just edging here and not going for a full on orgasm. On these occasions I always remind myself that ‘good girls don’t cum’, which sinks me into this glorious submissive place.

And then I practically ran to get ready and out the door for work on time.

I have been very fuzzy all day so far and my clit keeps throbbing when I’m not paying attention to remind me how twitchy it is.

Can’t wait to get home!

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