I’ve always been into edging and denial, but something that truly gets me soaking is forced orgasms but with a twist.

I would be with my significant other and we’d be making out, just like usual. He would have chosen to tie my hands together above my head with the tie he wore out. He doesn’t truly tighten the tie, but rather makes me remember it’s there. I need to keep my hands above my head despite him taking me in every way possible.

He would start with kissing me: my neck, lips, and slowly moving down to my hips. At this point i would of course be soaking and desperate, but he would make me wait. And then after a while of teasing, he kisses my pussy. Slowly whilst teasing my slit. He would make me beg to feel anything inside me, and i would still need to keep my hands above my head.

After edging me for a long while, he would get up and start teasing me with his cock. Now using his hands instead of his mouth, he would slowly make me submit to him completely. Edge me with his cock just brushing my pussy. And all of this with my hands above my head. He would edge me with his fingers and words and when I’m finally about to cum and start begging to be allowed to, he pushes himself inside me. And tells me I can’t.

It will have been the first time i felt him inside me for a while. I would be soaking, probably still on the edge and trying not to cum. All of this with trying to keep my hands still.

And i want him to tell me I can’t cum. Make me beg my sir but he would not let me. But he would keep taking me just like i deserve to be taken and he would force me to orgasm. Force me to with my hands tied and mind screaming what a bad girl i have been.

And even after making me cum, he would continue using me. Pound my exhausted pulsating pussy harder and harder. Because i am his girl, and i just disobeyed my sir.

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