So, it’s been a year since I started blurping out my denial experiences here on Tumblr, and a little longer since I discovered it (thanks to @female-orgasm-denial ofcourse) and tried it. I’m still feeling kinda bummed that I didn’t write down my very first experiences with it, but I was still kinda shy and on the fence about it then. Lately I have been kinda quiet, and that’s because I’m hardly edging at all. Life stuff and all. Anyway!

About half a year ago I wrote this post summarizing all the things I enjoyed since edging. There are lots more added to the list by now, but the most amazing thing to me is how much Sphinx got involved and is willing to try. I didn’t think he’d ever try it, and now he’s way better at it then I am! I’ve also noticed that when I’m not edging regularly, most of the extra stuff I find hot kinda fades away. Reverting back to my main menu sort of speak. With a couple exceptions. Orgasm denial, hypnothings and… oh fuck it, humiliation… Especially when all three are combined into hucow stuff *hides*

But things that keep going even when I’m not edging are feeling more free sexually, (yes even more, it’s ridiculous), boosted self confidence, body acceptance and self awareness mainly because of the experiences I’ve had this past year. It also led to me expanding knowledge about my submissive side, and how much more I’d be willing to do for a good fitting person than I thought. And! Big personal victory! I actually went out in the world and met new people, even attended a play party with a childhood friend! Shout out to kinky introverts! 😛

My main thoughts on edging & denial still stand. Ideally, I don’t want to cum. Not alone. Not selfishly. If I have to cum I want to please someone with it. Cause without that, orgasms just aren’t that great. But, the same kinda goes for edging. Like most ladies (as proven by my little denialslutfacts experiment) I really like someone involved in edging. Tasks, instructions, accountability. Maybe even a contest. Right now it’s not really compatible with daily life, but I’m psyched to get back at it in a couple of weeks! And maybe shorter runs, like two weeks max.

Really people, just give it a whirl… Try edging once. Cum. Do it twice. Cum some more. Try to hold of for a day. Just… whatever you do… stay away from ruins. 😛 And if you’re really up for a challenge, and like my style, click here.

Oh @wickedlittlebtch I’m so proud of you and so happy I helped set you on this amazing path. You’re a star and seeing you learn and grow and make this very much your own journey has been very exciting. I look forward to seeing where the next year will take you!

Ever edgingly,


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