I’m in a full time dom/sub relationship with a girl named Juliet. She is probably the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. To paint a picture for you she’s 5 foot 6, 95lbs, has dark blonde, wavy hair that goes down to her ass, and perfect breasts in both shape and size. She has a thin face with large, green eyes, and soft plump lips. She doesn’t wear makeup unless we go somewhere fancy and she doesn’t need it even then. She’s English but having lived in Canada her whole life she lost her accent that she developed from being around her parents as a child. Her accent and it really only comes out when she’s not paying attention or she is around anyone with any kind of accent. She is a very playful sub and a wonderful person to just be around. Anyway I wanted to share this amazing experience I had, with you and your followers to enjoy.

Part 1 – Intro:

So Juliet is amazing but she is very clever, (seriously I had her tested her IQ is almost double average) and I love that about her but she likes to break rules, and she is good at hiding it when she does. For example she isn’t allowed to touch by herself, but I was suspicious that she would, so I set up a camera, and when I get home I find that my naughty little princess had been playing without permission.

Things she hates: Me watching her masturbate

                             ruined orgasms

                             denial for more than a day

Things that turn her on: Me in a suit


                                      being called sweetie, or darling etc.


                                      when I’m pleased with her

Lately she had started trying to manipulate, and seduce me. Like the day when she was on no touch and would come into my room naked calling me daddy and being adorable so that I would fuck her. (I resisted of course but damn.) I knew that I had to punish her as this was unacceptable and I had to remind her of who was in charge. I had a lot of trouble coming up with a punishment because she had gotten to like her spankings to the point where she would ask for them so I knew that wouldn’t work. And I am a little bit of a sadist when it comes down to things. So I came up with the perfect punishment made up of all things she hated and all the things that turn her on. 

Part 2 – The Punishment

First I put on a black suit and red tie, I grabbed 5 pairs of panties, three of them were spandex and 2 were cotton. I told her to put the 2 cotton ones on and pull them up into her ass and to put the three spandex ones on top of them. Then I told her to lie down on the bed with her legs spread as I explained what was going to happen.

“You are going to touch yourself through these panties. The top one will be ten minutes, the next 20, the middle 30, the fourth 40, the last 50. Then once all this time has passed you can touch yourself for 60 minutes without panties but you have to follow my instructions. No cumming. When you are wearing panties you don’t have to be touching but for every time you edge while wearing panties you get a point. If you get 6 or more points and don’t break any rules then I’ll make you cum at the very end and once every day for the next week. If you don’t then you dont get an orgasm today. If you cheat or cum without permission then the same applies and I’ll ruin the only one you get every day for the next week.” She looked a bit discouraged, but I think she still thought she might be able to pull it off, and she reluctantly agreed.

Once she started it only took her a few moments to realize that this was just enough stimulation to kind of feel good but no matter how hard she tried in these first 10 minutes she couldn’t edge. By the time she took off the first layer of panties I was already getting hard watching her so I wrapped the panties around her face as a blindfold.

About 5 minutes in to the next pair

 "How long has it been?“ she asked.

"Only a few minutes my love, still 15 to go.” I said, sat on a chair at the foot of the bed. She was already getting frustrated by it. 

When things started to get interesting was on the third pair. She was thrashing and squeezing her legs together and begging for me to let her touch her clit directly. It was at this point that I had to tie her waist down and her ankles to the bedposts. 

During the fourth pair was when she really started to lose herself. This was something that I rarely saw, as when you try to make her mindless, she seems like a normal person.

“Please let me touch it! I can’t edge like this!” she pleaded, but that just made it worse for her. Juliet begging is easily one of the hottest things you can see. Seeing how much the need changes her. It’s amazing.

“Not yet princess.” I reply.

Only a few minutes after this she was blatantly trying to touch without me noticing. She tried slowly pushing her panties away. For this she got a slap on the wrist. Then she tried subtly slipping her left hand under her waistband. And for this I had to tie that hand to the bed post. She was really hoping that for a moment I would leave, or stop paying attention, but that wasn’t bound to happen any time soon. It is safe to say that by this point I really wanted to fuck the hell out of her, but I resisted for the sake of her punishment.

Time flew by fast for me, but it mustn’t have for her as she kept asking for the time and groaning when I explained that only a few minutes had passed or refused to tell her. By the time she got down to the last pair she had completely soaked through them. I could hear her liquid as she desperately tried to edge herself. She did manage it, once. But after this she claimed she was too tired and repeatedly asked me to do it for her. But considering how cunning and manipulative she could be, this was easy.

“Touch it… for me! I can’t… touch… more”

To which I would reply,

“No. You have to do it yourself.”



She spent the last 35 minutes, kind of grumbling under her breath and slowly caressing her pussy through her panties. Every once in a while she would try to edge again but would give up and go back to caressing. This was easily the horniest and most desperate I’ve ever had her.

The time came and I announced that it was time to take off her panties. I re-explained that she had the option to touch with panties but she had to do what I said for this part. She slowly started stroking her labia. Her pussy was glistening and so were her fingers.

“Now rub circles on your clit.” This was really the fun part.

For the first 50 minutes I made her edge about every 10 minutes but for the last 10 minutes it was closer to one a minute. We both knew that she wasn’t gonna get to cum today or properly for the next 7 days so I threw in as many edges as she could handle. The begging had started up again. Mostly now it was begging to cum or to stop but every once in a while I’d hear a little “Why won’t you do it daddy?” It was hot, adorable, beautiful, and tempting all at the same time.

Part 3 – The Aftermath

An alarm on my phone indicated that the hour had finished. I untied her ankles and her wrist but left her waist tied so that she could sit up but not leave the room. I also tied her hands behind her back so that she wouldn’t be tempted by an empty room two hands and her dripping wet pussy. I strongly believe aftercare to be very important so I went into the kitchen and got her some cookies that I had baked earlier. She was still completely naked and a bit out of it but when I returned she was sitting crouched on the bed. ( It reminded me of L from death note.) I gave her a cookie kissed her on the cheek and said,

“Who owns you dearest?”

“You do”

“And who is in charge here?” I can’t help but smile.

“You are.”

she said, with that sly, cheeky smile that I love and hate so much. After she had finished her cookies she lay down on the bed, restraints still in place, and beckoned for me to do the same. I did and we slept until the next morning, when she was delightfully more obedient, and just as beautiful and intelligent as ever.

P.S. Please feel free to edit and re-write this as you see fit. I don’t write as elegantly as Juliet could have done. But please keep most aspects included as I’d like it to be as realistic a representation as possible.


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