Well, I think we’d differ on definitions. Orgasm denial is a turn on for you, but it’s not a kink. You love reading about it and masturbating to it, but you aren’t actually doing it from what you say.

It’s a bit like me saying I love F1 racing (I don’t). It doesn’t mean I’m a driver…

And let me make it clear, that’s totally okay. In fact it’s awesome. The fact that there are girls (and guys) edging to this blog, being good little denial sluts, not cumming, and yet you do, a lot. That kind of makes it even better. That turns them on more, and it turns you on too. 

But you know what’s best? When those horny little undisciplined sluts finally find it within themselves to try denial, and realise that as great as cumming is, not cumming is even hotter.

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