(Hi, I wrote in recently and you were nice enough to respond. I thought you might like to hear how my week of reward went. I think for the moment at least I’d like to stay anonymous for the general public. Thank you! Hope you’ve had a nice week too x)

So a couple of weeks ago I wrote in about accidentally going over the edge and ruining it. I felt a little guilty but James was kind enough to ease my mind and reward me with some tasks for the week. I thought you might enjoy hearing how it went.

Day 1: So I’m newish to denial and this is my first time ever being given instructions to follow. Having to follow someone else’s rules instead of ones I set for myself has been so fucking hot. I already want to cum so badly. I’ve edged five times today, the last two with pegs on my nipples. They were so sore and sensitive, which just made my clit throb harder. My pussy is so swollen and wet. Tonight before bed I’m going to fuck myself with my dildo and try and ignore my aching clit. I can’t cum without my clit, but I want to see if I can edge without it. I’m going to dinner with some friends now and I’m going to have to wear two pairs of panties- the ones I just put on are already getting wet. James said I have to sleep naked. The thought of going to sleep after fucking and edging myself with my thighs slick is making my pussy clench, so I should stop now.

Good girls don’t cum.

Day 2: It turns out I can *almost* edge by fucking myself. I can ride the edge by just slightly grinding my clit onto the flat of my hand as I thrust in. I had to seriously calm down before I could sleep afterwards, and had to be very strict with myself about not edging again even though I wanted to keep feeling good like that a little longer. Sleeping drenched and naked was new, but I felt so sexy. I’m so wet and it’s getting a little hard to ignore my throbbing clit all day. It distracted me in a meeting so I punished it in the bathroom with two edges and a little spanking. Part of me wants to cum so badly and another part never wants to cum again.

Good girls don’t cum.

Days 3-6: Please, please, please, please, please, please.

Good girls don’t cum.

Day 7: So I *nearly* went over this morning. I was having a dream about being teased and slow-fucked. I woke up and started immediately rubbing my clit. It felt so amazing and I just wanted to let go and cum but I stopped. I edged way more than my minimum today- I just couldn’t stop rubbing. While I was grinding my dripping cunt against the edge of my desk I thought about the idea of never cumming again. I realised it was a really hot fantasy, but I’d hate the reality. This feels so good partially because I know it’s building to a fucking incredible orgasm. I want it so much. I keep torturing my poor nipples while I edge my clit. Before bed I was grinding my cunt into the mattress when I suddenly thought about the posts saying “Good girl. That’s enough, you’re done now.” I made myself stop as if a master had told me to.

Good girls don’t cum.

So I made it. It was such blissful torture. But now all I can think about is how much I want, need, would do anything to really cum. Please, may I cum James? Please? PLEASE?

Wonderful edging report, thank you! A week is really impressive and you should be very proud of yourself. And yes, you can cum, but just once, but that’s it, your only orgasm. Afterwards you’re on no touch for a day and then another six days of denial before you can cum again (just the once).

This is how it is now, one orgasm a week. You know it’s what you want.

Good girl.

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