Lemme just start off by saying that I’ve been following this blog for about a year now. I’ve always been turned on by denial, but I’ve never successfully edged without orgasming. Honestly I didn’t even have the self control to ruin them either. I wanted to use juNO to begin my denial journey but I ruined it by cumming (on the first day too!). I have to admit that I was extremely discouraged, but coming back to this blog and reading everyone’s juNO journey inspired me to keep trying. Practice does indeed make perfect and I was finally able to complete a full session of edging without going over! It was honestly the best feeling ever to accomplish something you have tried so hard to achieve. If someone like me, with no sense of self control whatsoever, could finally manage to successfully complete a day of denial, then anyone can too. Even as I’m sitting here with my panties soaked and pussy wetter than ever, I’m satisfied (even if my throbbing clit isn’t). 

Thanks James. For inspiring me to begin my denial journey

Thank you Seolly, that’s so wonderful to hear. Well done on successfully edging, that’s brilliant. I know how hard it can be and it just goes to show, the only way to learn self control is put yourself in situations where you need it. And what could be more fun than orgasm denial, it’s the best!

Good girl!


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