My boyfriend has decided to edge me 50 times today. He thinks you should tell me what should be done with me after those?

Well gosh, that is a lot of work. Impressive. 

Firstly, if possible, you don’t get to wear clothes today. Just your highest heels or anything else he likes you in.

Secondly there no reason he should do all 50. You should ask him each time if he’d like to watch instead of do it himself.

Still, it’s a busy day for him. So make sure you keep him well fed, make him drinks, etc. As a special treat after a meal, you’re to lie across his knee and he can spank you while he edges you at the same time. You’re welcome.

Once the 50 are done… You don’t get to cum. Instead your bf gets to play his Xbox etc, or watch a movie while you kneel between his feet and suck his cock and balls. Then you can let him fuck you from behind while he watches some porn. A lovely end, to a lovely day.

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