The desks are pretty deep and when pushed in all the way, you can hardly see the person’s bottom half. There are little tiny half walls on the exposed side (one side against the wall), and I face a huge shelf of books. It’s quite enough that I would hear anyone walking near this half of the library, and private enough that if I were being sneaky & someone passed by my desk w/o me knowing, they wouldn’t question what I was doing. The only problem is, I don’t know what to be “doing”!

I don’t want to cum, or even just full on masturbate, I just want to tease! Watch or listen to something, touch a little. I don’t know what to do though, and I’m hoping you could help me out a little bit? I’m just drawing blanks on what to do to myself. I’m at my desk right now, breasts sensitive, my pussy tingling, breathing hard and shaking just a little bit as I type these messages to you in public without even trying to hide my screen. I think I’m ready. I just need a little help!

Oh more public fun! That does sound perfect! I’m sorry I couldn’t answer straight away but here’s a reply for the next time you try.

Okay so a few ideas for you who have found somewhere semi-private to have some fun.

Firstly, build up to it. The anticipation is totally part of the deal. Edge at home thinking about it, revel in the fact that this fantasy is going to become reality and how exciting that is.

Secondly dress up. At the very least with your underwear – wear your sexiest ones (hot lingerie under normal clothes = win, just try it) or try going without panties at all and no bra if you can get away with it. 

On top, well again if you want to, something you feel sexy in. I’m a huge fan of you in dresses and skirts because they’re so feminine but also for the more obvious reason of easy access.

For a fun compromise get an old pair of leggings or tights and cut a slit along the seam over your pussy (just a slit, not a hole, it’ll pull open anyway) and wear those under a skirt or dress. Pussy totally exposed but no one would have a clue.

Okay, so that’s prep. Final point is if you have toys you could try one, a remote vibe, a dildo or a butt plug put in in the rest room then rocked on at your desk. Marvellous.

So once you actually get to your private space there are the obvious things such as edging which some might want to do. And definitely worth building up to that. Or if you’re allowed to cum then it can be very fun to actually have to do it silently in public. I’ve set denial sluts that exact task before – they can cum but it has to be somewhere public – cafe’s seem to be the favourite option!

But more subtle options include breast play. In fact you can do this anywhere. Simply fold your arms across your chest and use your hidden fingers to rub, tease, scratch, pinch and pull at your nipples. For the more daring a fun game can be you have to do that, wearing a top that makes hard nipples obvious, and only once five or ten people have directly noticed your erect nipples as you walk around are you allowed to touch anywhere more interesting.

For some rubbing your breasts up and down against the edge of the desk can be wonderfully primal too!

For those who love crawling, try deliberately dropping something so you have to crawl about to try to find it.

For extra thrills you can have options like:

Put headphones in so you can’t hear if anyone is coming close

Start a porn video deliberately unmuted so you might just have half a second of sex noises before you hit the volume, and those around you aren’t sure quite where it came from.

Leave something sexual on your screen and watch from a distance if anyone stops and looks at it. This could be a sexy bondage picture (nothing too extreme, just something that will get them curious about the owner). 

Or you can leave a message typed on the screen – ‘Gone to masturbate, be right back’, ‘I’m not wearing any underwear, ask me to show you’, ‘Free blow job if you read this’ etc

Go to the restrooms and edge, completely naked, before returning

Go to the men’s restroom (after watching to ensure it was empty) and do the same

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