Hi James !

I just like to read your blog, and quite like denial too. However it just makes me cum harder reading all this stuff and I’m not so good at denial in the end.

Still, last night, I had quite a good dream, and erotic dream, and I was in Chicago. Don’t know why I was there, I think this is just dream stuff. But there was my fiancé there and we fucked. Twice and even more. And I couldn’t cum. And I was frustrated but I loved it.

Then I woke up, in my fiancé’s arms. I was so excited that we just fucked at the moment, barely awake. And, we’re not so good at that also, but he succesfully accomplished the quest : he cummed ! But… I couldn’t. And then we went to the shower and I tried to cum… but I couldn’t.

Now it’s the evening and He asks if I have cummed today and I say no. I have told him my dream and he just looked at me with so much love and hapiness… and I think a bit of pride too.

Then, I don’t feel frustrated anymore. I just feel good, surely better than if I had cummed.

Thank you, James.

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