and thanks for the keephimcaged blog recommendation – inspired me, and him! Honestly we can’t believe the difference its like we are horny teenagers again. Caging him has brought his libido to life. Never went down on me before, now most days! And I’m letting him do things to me I never would (you can guess) and honestly loving it. Thank you so much for this amazing blog! Keep up the good work. A. and R.

This is fabulous, well done both of you! And yes, the @keephimcaged blog is one of my favourites. There’s some great roleplays in there we’ve had fun with too.

I have to say cock cages really are quite magic. My wife describes it as ‘it’s like my hand is wrapped around your cock all day long’, it turns us both on very effectively. The plan is dual denial with neither of us cumming till Easter so your post is very pertinent!

Anyway anon couple, I’m so glad for you! Remember things always ebb and flow but it sounds like a real transformation, so keep trying new things and being so positive about it and I know it can get your sex life and intimacy even stronger than it was before! Thanks for the lovely feedback.


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