71 days of denial

Whaaat?? Its been already 71 days since my last orgasm?! Oh. My. God. Thats a lot… Who thought I will last this long when I started? I didnt.. Altho I still dont know when the day will come, when I can have an orgasm again. I dont think about it often to be honest.. but when I do, I turn into this begging slut, who is dying to cum, to feel relief!

I learned some things about my self during denial:

1) I looove when I getting my mouth fucked, it makes me feel like a fucktoy. Specially when my legs are spread and my pussy is not getting any attention meanwhile. Altho I also like it when Daddy is teasing my clit with the Hitachi.

2) I finally gave in and tried anal, and god, im in love!!

3)I always feel the need to be dominated and used. No matter where I am, what I am doing.

4) I get into subspace much easier.

5) I love the feeling of arousal all the time and being a cock craving needy slut for Daddy.

It really looks like I am a denial slut ?

It really does, doesn’t it.
Good work, Red!

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