I fell asleep 🙁

i guess I got too relaxed with the hypnosis files… I don’t even remember finishing the first one….

But unlike the past couple of days, I woke up a full hour before my alarm went off… so I got in 4 edges… the two I missed from last night, one for this morning, and one from my backlog for starting late (now just behind by 5).  I’ve never gone to work post edging so we’ll see how today goes.

I can admin that my clit is starting to get sore.  I’ve just been using my fingers rubbing my clit to edge (the dreaded hitachi is far away… it makes me want to cum and not edge/ruin).  I found myself changing my stroke for the last two edges.  I guess I’m so turned on that the tried and true ways just aren’t needed.

Not sure how I’ll try to edge later today… maybe @female-orgasm-denial will have a new task for us today…

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