330 respondents to the survey already! You guys are incredible! That’s way more than I expected by now. Thank you!

Don’t miss out if you haven’t filled it in already, here’s your chance to be part of the world’s biggest orgasm denial survey*

Here’s a few early results…

You’re average age is 22. Nearly half of you identify yourself as straight, a third as bi-sexual, and 4% exclusively gay and another 4% as asexual.

Half of you are virgins, 15% have had ‘lots’ of sexual partners, or even lost count!

15% of you are just turned on by orgasm denial but haven’t tried it (yet), half of you have tried it but not with much success. A quarter of you have done it for longer periods or had someone else make you do it.

A lot of you have completely awesome fantasies, seriously… so hot. Let’s just say I’m inspired (and horny as hell).

You’d like to be denied for an average of 11 days, but a lots of you would love to be denied way, way longer!

55% of you found the survey quite thought provoking, 20% of you said it was the funniest survey you’ve ever completed, and 51.1% of you said completing the survey was better than a pile of flying monkey dicks!

How can you resist filling it out if you haven’t already?!


*I’m totally assuming this

Plus, if you have filled it out you can still help by REBLOGGING it. Thank you!

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