I am really excited for JuNo as I did not knew about it last year. At first I created a tumblr so I could watch gifs which made me horny. As time passed, I played with the tought of having my own page, which I started recently. 

When I found out about

monthly challanges and events I immediately knew that I want to participate in one, just could not figure out which one is for me. The hottest thing I could imagine was being tied up, unable to move, while someone is playing with my pussy. Later I realized that I love it when someone else controls my orgasms, so denial is something I want to explore. 

Two months ago I read about JuNO and I knew it would have been the perfect event for me, so I was very happy that I can participate in it this year! My goal is to go for 14 days of denial and I have already did my first edge which I will tell you about in another entry. 🙂

Welcome to the party, Red!
We’re all watching to make sure you make the 14 days.
No pressure James

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