2018 Denial Challenge

Hello, all!!

I have been having so much fun with @female-orgasm-denial ‘s Advent Calendar (though I admit I haven’t been doing the journal, shame on me), and I kiiiiiiiiind of don’t want to stop. I’m a denial newbie. And now I’m a denial slut as well. Oops.

So for 2018, I propose a challenge to myself to keep this going.

1. Every LIKE this gets is an edge in 2018 for me.

2. Everyone who REBLOGS this gets to drop “challenges” (feel free to look at @female-orgasm-denial or @femsubdenial or other blogs like that) in my inbox, and I will do one each day in 2018, and journal the results ON HERE. You will ALSO be tagged in each challenge if you so choose.

3. I will pick the best challenges, or my favorite challenges, and the people who gave them are free to take control of my edging/orgasms for at least a day if not longer.

4. Challenges can include but are not limited to: Edging, public display, forced orgasm, ruined orgasm, ice play, bondage. These are my favorites.

5. They CANNOT include: Any bodily fluid but spit, demands for Skyping, chatting, or a phone call. I reserve the right to deny any challenge I feel uncomfortable with.

6. Bonus Points if you’re a girl ? But men are more than welcome!! (I’m bi ?)

Feel free to signal boost ? I’m a little scared but very excited ♥️

Well, this could be interesting. 🙂

Couldn’t it just…

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